Tool Repair Policy - See towards the bottom for the information we need.

  • For Current/Active customers
  • Lead Time for Tools Repairs Quotes could take up to about 12 weeks.
  • All tools being repaired are disassembled, cleaned, and inspected for wear and breakage. We will email you a quote once the tool has been looked at.
  • If you choose not to have the tool repaired we will return the unit disassembled and you might be charge a inspection fee. We do not reassemble tools that are not repaired. The inspection fee may be waived if a replacement tool is purchased at the time of pick up or tool is left for scrap.
  • If you elect to have the tool repaired it will be fixed at the estimated price. Prices will never exceed the estimated cost without prior approval.
  •  Our 30-day guarantee covers workmanship and failure on parts that we replaced.
  • If a part that we did not replace fails within the guarantee period we will replace the part and charge for it only. We will waive the labor charge.
  • Warranty request must include a proof of purchase at time of delivery. All manufactures require a proof of purchase to authorize warranty repairs. 
  • When the repair is completed we will notify you or return by UPS if requested. If you do not pick up the equipment we may sell it to recoup our repair cost after a reasonable length of time. We are not responsible for tools left over 90 days after completion.

When sending in your Repairs please have the following information with your tool. 

Customer Account (If known) #:
*Company Name:
*First & Last Name:
*Model #:
*Serial #:
Type of Service (Corrective, Warranty, Calibration):
*Problem with the tool:
*Company Address (If not included in email Signature)