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BOR028969, KIT, CS-HD

Item #: BOR028969

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Item Specifications

  • Assorted
  • CS-HD
  • Silicon Carbide
  • 1/8"
  • 1/2"
  • 6"
  • Rectangular
  • Green
  • CS-HD SILICON CARBIDE POLISHING STONE Kit Standard Grits: 150, 220, 320, 400, 600 General Purpose Polishing Stone · Green Silicon Carbide · Hard Structure with Slow Breakdown Compared to the CS or CS-M, the CS-HD finishing stone has a harder structure and breaks down more slowly. This polishing stone can be used to polish even the hardest die and mold steels. Polishers claim excellent results with the CS-HD when finishing dies ranging in hardness from 47 to 63Rc. Many mold makers also use CS-HD for removal of EDM (electrical discharge machining) scale. It can be used either by hand with one of our Hand Holders or with reciprocating profilers like our U-Lap and Turbo-Lap Air Profilers. Can be used with or without a lubricant. Try our Premium Stoning Oil or BORI-LUBE 10! Available in 120-1200 grit and a wide variety of sizes. Also available in regular and fine grit kits. Silicon carbide finishing stones vary from aluminum oxide finishing stones in that the particle shape of the grain is thinner and sharper than aluminum oxide particles. Silicon carbide particles shave a narrow cut in the material being polished and produce a less brilliant finish because the narrow cut does not reflect as much light. Silicon carbide tends to shape easily to contours and is typically fast cutting and breaks down quickly.
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